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21st Century Dublin Girl

Re: New Year, back again.

Re: New Year, back again.

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Scott Walker.
Just looking at my LJ profile yesterday. I started this LJ nearly fave years ago. Jaysus. Didn't notice the time going like that! The past two days has consisted in me getting myself lost in museslash again and rekindling that love and finding its still there, which makes me very happy. Ive also slowly started writing again. I got bitten by the bug at 3 am last night, when I was crashing at my friends apartment, so I got up, wrapped myself in a blanket and plonked myself on her couch and wrote for an hour straight, pausing only to look out her glass door at the Rhine which goes by near her apartment block. Pure bliss.

I just feel more active and less stressed. Don't know why. Im just managing to get things done. Reading a lot, writing, house work, organising grinds, getting back into study mode. I feel fun, at the moment, if that makes any sense. Busy and happy. I think Konstanz is a good environment for me.

I also brought 200 teabags with me here, so last night I was able to drink proper Irish tea, listen to my favourite radio show, The Lighthouse with Dave Couse, on playback, whilst reading museslash. Cant ask for more really?

Also, it was Scott Walker's 68th birthday on sunday. I was thinking about him a lot, funnily enough, then listened to some of his music and thought about my tattoo. I got my Scott tattoo on MY birthday, nearly two years ago now. Again, time flies. Do I regret it? Not at all. I love it more each day. One day I need to post here why I got that tat and what it means to me, as it really means so much.
  • One day I need to post here why I got that tat and what it means to me, as it really means so much.

    DO IT! Soon! I've been meaning to ask you about it. I hate to admit I've never even really understood the quote - at least I have a feeling I haven't - so I'm dying to hear what it means to you!

    I'm glad you're feeling good, dear.
    • What I take from Scotts lyrics is always just ny own interpretation and the feeling I get from his songs. So its probably not what Scott intended but its what I got from it! But I have to admit- theyre the only two lines in that song that I think I understand!!!!!

      Much love my dear. Hope things are going ok for you. xxx
  • Hooray for contentment and happiness! :) (And for you writing!!!)

    I am happy to see you around these parts, no doubt! I wonder, did you get my Xmas card? Just want to make sure I didn't bungle the address or something?

    I hope things continue to be positive for you. :D Makes me happy!
    • Yep, the old museslash is back on my brain! And I have to catch up on some of your lovely fics now! x

      I actually havent got your xmas card yet, but Ill probably get it soon. I only got a couple of xmas cards there the other day and they were from England, so yours is on its way. The snow I think messed up the post for a bit.

      Im so gald to hear from you too! Im so glad to be back really. I hadnt realised how much Id missed LJ. xx
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