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Re: German.

Re: German.

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Well, I had 4 hours of German lectures yesterday but I was so thrilled- In our Grammer class, we had to read out a piece of German, we often do this, so the lecturer can check our pronunciation and after I read out my piece, he told me that "You have a fantastic German accent for an English speaker, you only have a small foreign accent to your words." I was so chuffed with that, as my accent is something that Ive been consciously working on. Yay!!

And I was reading into the small hours last night, preparing for one of my courses that I take at the uni proper. I was reading "Roman Elegies" by Goethe. I have to say, I didn't expect them to be sexy but my God, they are! Very sensuous poems, about love and learning, how we should give into lust because the Greeks did and werent ashamed and talking about writing poetry on a lover's body. It was a nice surprise indeed.

Ive written three parts of my new belldom fic. I think Im going to post the first part tomorrow. Im very amazed at this too- I have so far been able to just sit down and in an hour straight out write an entire chapter of the fic. Its laying itself sweetly and easily and Im enjoying writing it. Ive been reading a lot of Francesca Lia Block lately and I think some how Ive sort of imitated her style, not too much but just to infuse it with a little bit of dreaminess, and enjoy using words. The fic has also got my creative muscles back in shape and Ive begun work on a much longer project. germany seems to be good for me in this department!
  • Congrats! :) Learning German must be so hard D:
    I´m obsessed with the accent thing too, and it´s probably the most difficult aspect because you just can´t get rid of it, as much as you try. It´s in your blood xD

    A new belldom fic from you? Bring it on!!!!!!!!!
  • Yay! Go you! It's hard enough learning to speak another language without learning to speak it like a native.

    Really excited about seeing a new fic from you too.

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