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21st Century Dublin Girl

Re: A Good Start to Spring.

Re: A Good Start to Spring.

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John Frusciante
A good start to the spring. I somehow managed to catch the earlier train this morning and instead of pressuring myself to study on the train, I looked out the window for a few mintues, watching the early morning sun lighting on Dublin Bay. When I got into town, I decided to head into my favourite coffee shop, next door to the train station. It's a genuine Italian coffee shop, and as I stood there waiting for my coffee, I could hear people chatting in Italian. I walked along the Dublin streets then, on my way into college, cradling the warm cup between my hands. The weather today is crisp, fresh, a little bit cool but the skies are clear. The day I stop looking around me as I walk through Dublin is the day a small part of me dies. I still cock my head sideways as I stroll along, seeing new things in the streets I have walked thousands of time. I do love Dublin. Just a very peaceful morning, very content, zen almost. To me that was a moment of happiness.

A funny entry to return to LJ with perhaps. Just felt the urge to share that, to mark it. Also, perhaps returning to LJ in the last 4 months of college will be a way to maintain such a content mindset and not give into the stress.
  • This entry is lovely. :) And it's always lovely to see you. ♥
    • Aw, thanks! It's lovely to see you too, and it's good to be back. I'll never be able to let LJ go!
  • Aw, yes! I've been having similar feelings lately. I'm sure Dublin is wonderful, too.

    So glad to have you back here, please stay! And good luck with the 4 months ahead of you...
    • I'll never be able to leave! It's great to hear from you. And yes, Dublin is rather wonderful when you look at it with the right eyes I think! The next four months will be mad, but I refuse to let it get me down!
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    • *returns salute* Aw, thanks you! As said above, I just cant keep away from LJ!
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