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21st Century Dublin Girl

"I used to be a citizen and I never felt the pressure."

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I'm on my Erasmus year in Germany, studying German and I've just finished studying English and I have hopes of becoming a translator in the future.

I have aspirations of becoming a writer- I have several rejections and "this is promising" to my name. Which also accounts for my fanficiton writing. I generally write RPS. My main thing is museslash and X-Factor fanfiction. If you don't like fanfiction, please avoid those posts!! A friendly warning.

Im also obsessed with music. Most of my money goes on CDs and concerts. Particular favourites are Muse, Scott Walker, Divine Comedy, Manic Street Preachers and The Smiths.
I play the piano religiously and I play the guitar when I get the time. I am starting Advanced Grade 1 in piano and am taking grade 8 in music theory.

I adore reading. It's my work, my hobby, my way to relax, my way to live. Favourite writers are Oscar Wilde, Will Self, James Joyce, Chuck Palahniuk, Francesca Lia Block, Marquis de Sade, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams, Aidan Chambers and Emma Forrest and Kate Chopin.

Feel free to friend me if you've read my fics or posts or we have things in common. x